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Merry X'Mas 2012 & Happy New Year 2013

May the good times and treasures of the present 
become the golden memories of tomorrow.
Wish you lots of love,
joy and happiness. 



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Menjelang Liburan akhir tahun, untuk sementara kami tutup dari tanggal 14 Desember 2012 hingga 6 Januari 2013. Seluruh pesanan yang masuk hingga 12 Desember 2012, akan dikirimkan pada tanggal 13 Desember 2012. Sedangkan pesanan yang masuk setelah tanggal 13 Desember 2012, baru akan diproses pada tanggal 6 Januari 2013.

Demikian harap maklum adanya........


DVD Greatest Boxing Collection #385:
Toyota Center, Houston, Texas, USA

GBC #385:
  1. Nonito Donaire vs Jorge Arce - KO 3R (WBO super bantamweight title)

Nonito stops Arce in third round of lopsided bout

Jorge Arce is a warrior in a sport where the word is thrown around with far too much frequency. But there are times where that simply is not enough to overcome a massive gulf in age, size, speed and talent. That was the case tonight when Arce was simply outgunned on every level by Nonito Donaire.

Early in the fight Arce was fighting in a style that is unusual to him, circling outside, looking to land single shots and avoid engaging in a typical Arce firefight. It was likely simple awareness of what he was up against more than that he didn't have it in him, but it ultimately wasn't all that effective. Donaire spent the first round looking to land overhand rights, which he did with a fair amount of regularity.

That right hand would land more in the second round and it would also be the punch that put Arce down for the first time in the bout. Arce got up and started to come forward with a bit more urgency, likely more out of habit than it being the best idea, but he did survive the round. Between rounds Arce reassured his corner that he was fine and that nothing was wrong, but things didn't get better.

Arce started to respond to getting hit in round three by waiving Donaire in but then was dropped to the canvas again. While he rose to his feet, it was only another few moments before a massive left hand from Donaire dropped Arce flat on his back, either unable or unwilling to get up.

With the win it's likely that Donaire cements Fighter of the Year awards from most outlets that give out such things. The win over Arce was predictable, the fight went down exactly as people who were honest with themselves expected it to, but it was the fourth win in 2012 for Donaire.

For Arce, who knows what's next? It's probably a fair time to hang up the gloves, but it's also his first loss in a long time and fighters don't step away at the best moment, so I'm sure it's back to the drawing board and back into the ring soon enough.



DVD Greatest Boxing Collection #384
Sports Arena, Los Angeles, California, USA


  1. Afredo Angulo vs Jorge Silva - UD 10R - Light middleweight 
  2. Deontay Wilder vs Kelvin Price – KO 3R – vacant WBC Continental Americas Heavyweight title 
  3. Amir Khan vs Carlos Molina - TKO 10R - vacant WBC Silver light welterweight title 

Alfredo Angulo outpoints Jorge Silva in toe-to-toe war

Alfredo Angulo returned to the ring last month and scored a one-round knockout. Tonight, he had to work a lot harder, going a hard ten rounds with Jorge Silva on the Khan-Molina undercard, winning by unanimous decision in a toe-to-toe battle.
All three official scorecard were 97-93 for Angulo. BLH also had it 97-93 for Angulo.
Angulo (22-2, 18 KO) and Silva (19-3-2, 15 KO) surpassed all expectations (or at the very least, the vast majority of expectations) with a grueling exchange of power shots from the first round on. Angulo, 30, seemed to think in the first round that he might be able to catch his young foe with something big and put the fear of God or what have you into him, but in response to Angulo's first rush, Silva dug his feet into the canvas and started throwing bombs back at the favored man, impressing upon Angulo quickly that he was here for a fight, and that he'd come to win.
Silva, 20, and Angulo went back-and-forth for a while, but in the middle rounds, it seemed Angulo's size and power shots started to really wear on Silva, and Angulo took control of the fight, though he was being hit with good shots in return until the very end.
Silva has raised his stock substantially with this loss, even more than after a very exciting draw in October with Yoshihiro Kamegai, which aired on a smaller televised show. He's a young man with a lot of grit, some decent power, and talent that can be molded. If nothing else, he's going to be a hell of a TV fighter for a while.
As for Angulo, he could be in something big next time out, or take another fight to keep getting himself back to where he was before this year. Either way, he's must-see TV, and everyone knows it.

Deontay Wilder- Kelvin Price mix it up on Saturday in the battle of the super heavyweights

Two huge 6’7” talented heavyweights Deontay Wilder (25-0, 25 KO’s) and Kelvin Price (13-0, 6 KO’s) will do battle on Saturday night on Showtime at the Sports Arena in Los Angeles, California. This is one of those rare heavyweight match-ups where not only are both heavyweights huge, but also very talented with loads of boxing skills. The eyes of fans are going to be concentrating mostly on the 27-year-old Wilder, the 2008 Olympic bronze medalist from the United States.
Wilder’s the real talent here. Wilder has one-punch knockout power in both hands, and he’s already been predicted to go all the way to a heavyweight title by 2013 by none other than the late great trainer Emanuel Steward.

Wilder will have to really focus on cutting off the ring this Saturday night, because Price is as slippery as an eel on defense as he’s very hard to hit cleanly with anything. He knows how to use his huge 6’7” height and long reach to keep his opponents from hitting him.
Price also is very good at moving away quickly when under attack by his opponents. I rate Price as being a better fighter than a lot of the top heavyweight contenders in the division right now, and I think he would give unbeaten Tyson Fury a huge run for his money if they were to fight. Wilder will have to really push the fight and either look to KO Price with a long shot or pressure him to the ropes and look to KO him with a single shot like Wilder has been doing with most of his opponents during his short four year pro career.
Few of Wilder’s opponents have made it to the 4th round against him because of his tremendous power. That’s not because Wilder’s opposition has been lacking in some ways, but rather because of his huge power in each punch he throws.

Amir Khan patiently dissects Carlos Molina, wins 10th round stoppage

Amir Khan may not have elevated his career, but he certainly stabilized it with a win tonight over a determined Carlos Molina, stopping Molina after 10, one-sided rounds, when Molina's corner stopped the fight.
Khan (27-3, 19 KO) wasn't a totally new fighter under trainer Virgil Hunter, but there were some obvious improvements. His footwork was better, and as Showtime commentator Paulie Malignaggi pointed out, and Khan discussed prior to the fight, he worked a lot on his positioning and where to go after throwing punches, not leaving himself in bad spots as often as he used to, particularly in his last two fights against Danny Garcia and Lamont Peterson.
Molina (17-1-1, 7 KO) gave a really big effort, but was just out of his depth against a bigger, much faster, and stronger man. He did get some openings, and did his best to take advantage, but even landing clean shots, he wasn't strong enough to bother Khan. Molina was cut in the first round and never fought without blood staining his face tonight, but he never gave up on himself.
He also never won even a minute of the fight, as Khan was just too good for him. There was a notable difference in class, and it was all in Khan's favor. Being bigger didn't hurt, either. Molina was very respectable in his effort tonight, and his performance was the best he could do. But he couldn't handle Amir Khan's speed and ability.
This is a big night for Khan personally more than it is a big night for Khan's boxing career. Beating Molina doesn't mean Khan is "back," but it does mean he's not gone.
After the fight, Khan addressed ringside spectator Danny Garcia and said, "If I would have fought Danny Garcia tonight, I would have knocked him out. That's the truth." He added that he's ready to rematch Garcia any time, anywhere. Garcia has Zab Judah lined up for February 9, but a win there, and Khan possibly winning a spring fight of his own, could make for a nice summer rematch in 2013 between those two.


BWF Superseries Finals 2012

CR Land BWF World Superseries Finals
Shenzhen 2012

Day 2:
Disc #1:
WS_D2: Wang Shixian vs Sung Ji Hyun (21-19 21-19; 60m) videobulutangkis.com recommended match’s

Disc #2:
MXD1_D2: Zhang Nan vs Zhao Yunlei vs Muhammad Rijal/Debby Susanto (21-13 21-10; 35m)
WD_D2: Wang Xiaoli vs Yu Yang vs Matsutomo Misaki/Ayaka Takahashi (21-9 21-9; 35m)
MXD2_D2: Joachim Fischer Nielsen/Christinna Pedersen vs Chan Peng Soon/Goh Liu Ying (21-16 21-8; 45m)

Disc #3:
MD_D2: Koo Kien Keat/Tan Boon Heong vs Mathias Boe/Carsten Mogensen (21-19 15-21 21-18; 85m) fast and furios match’s                       

Day 3:
Disc #1:
WS_D3: Saina Nehwal vs Juliane Schenk (21-7 21-18; 45m)
MS_D3: Daren Liew vs Hans-Kristian Vittinghus (17-21 21-13 21-14; 65m) excellent match

Disc #2:
MXD_D3: Xu Chen/Ma Jin vs Tontowi Ahmad/Liliyana Natsir (21-14 21-11; 35m)
WD_D3: Christinna Pedersen/Kamilla Rytter Juhl vs Matsutomo Misaki/Ayaka Takahashi (21-17 21-16; 45m)
MD_D3: Hoon Thien How/Tan Wee Kiong vs Bodin Issara/Maneepong Jongjit (21-9 21-5; 20m)

Semi Final:
Disc #1:
WS_SF: Li Xuerui vs Saina Nehwal (22-20 7-21 21-13; 65m) videobulutangkis.com recommended match’s
MD1_SF: Hiroyuki Endo/Kenichi Hayakawa vs Cai Yun/Fu Haifeng (13-9 Retired; 20m)

Disc #2:
WD_SF: Christinna Pedersen vs Kamilla Rytter Juhl vs Tian Qing/Zhao Yunlei (19-21 21-18 24-22; 90m) epic battle match

Disc #3:
MD2_SF: Mathias Boe/Carsten Mogensen vs Hong Wei/Shen Ye (26-24 24-26 21-15; 100m) epic battle match

Disc #4:
MS_SF: Du Pengyu Du vs Hans-Kristian Vittinghus (21-23 21-8 21-13; 75m) excellent match

Disc #1:
MXD_F: Joachim Fischer Nielsen/Christinna Pedersen vs Zhang Nan/Zhao Yunlei (17-21 21-12 21-14; 85m) videobulutangkis.com recommended match’s

Disc #2:
WS_F: Li Xuerui vs WAng Shixian (21-9 15-4 Retired; 35m)
MD_F: Mathias Boe/Carsten Mogensen vs Hiroyuki Endo/Kenichi Hayakawa (21-17 21-19; 55m) videobulutangkis.com recommended match’s

Disc #3:
WD_F: Wang Xiaoli/Yu Yang vs Christinna Pedersen/Kamilla Rytter Juhl (21-16 21-14; 45m)

Disc #4:
MS_F: Chen Long vs Du Pengyu (21-12 21-13; 50m)

Kejurnas Bulutangkis 2012

Jaya Raya Juara

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BOXING: GBC #382 & #383

DVD Greatest Boxing Collection #382 (2 partai) & #383 (2 partai):
MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

GBC #382:
  1. Javier Fortuna vs Patrick Hyland - UD 12R (WBA Interim Featherweight Championship)
  2. Miguel Angel Vazquez vs Mercito Gesta - UD 12R (IBF Lightweight Championship)
GBC #383:
  1. Yuriorkis Gamboa vs Michael Farenas - UD 12R (WBA Super Featherweight Championship)
  2. Juan Manuel Marquez vs Manny Pacquiao - KO 6R (Welterweight bout)

 Javier Fortuna outlasts Patrick Hyland for decision victory

On the opening fight of the Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Manny Pacquiao pay-per-view broadcast, Javier Fortuna was able to win a clear unanimous decision over Patrick Hyland.

Javier Fortuna was a heavy favorite coming into his bout with Patrick Hyland in the opening bout of the HBO pay-per-view broadcast for Manny Pacquiao's fourth bout with Juan Manuel Marquez.

There weren't really any surprises through the first quarter of the fight as Fortuna's natural talent was more than Hyland could handle with his effort. While Hyland did try at times, he just wasn't busy enough in a fight that was going to require him to really take the fight from a better opponent.

Hyland, a Snooki promoted fighter, just didn't have an answer for the defense of Fortuna. Fortuna was mostly able to stay at the distance he wanted and either counter Hyland's shots, or leaping in with a lunging right hook. As a southpaw Fortuna displayed a varied offensive game, occasionally mixing in the hard straight left with the right hook and jab.

Hyland had said that he planned to make sure he won the second half of the fight. As it appeared he'd lost every round in the first half of the bout (or at least the first five), that became more important that maybe he had anticipated.

Still, Hyland was able to get more done as the fight wore on. On the HBO scorecards, Hyland won a few rounds in the second half of the fight and even appeared to score a knockdown in a sloppy ninth round that saw both fighters engage in some fouling. The ref didn't score the knockdown though so Fortuna's lead grew.

In round 10 Hyland started to turn up the heat and get to Fortuna more often. With that, Fortuna got on his bike and started to look to avoid exchanges. Hyland wasn't able to find the KO though and his cardio advantage wasn't enough to overcome Fortuna's early lead.

As Fortuna flurried at the end of the last round and the final bell rang, Fortuna kept punching well after the bell and it almost led to a fight between the fighters after the fact.

HBO saw the fight 117-111 for Fortuna
The official judges saw it 118-110, 116-112 and 115-113 all for Javier Fortuna.

Miguel Vazquez completely outclasses Mercito Gesta

Miguel Vazquez faced almost no challenge tonight from Mercito Gesta, outclassing his opponent en route to an unanimous decision victory.

Mercito Gesta was hyped as a potential "next Manny Pacquiao" at one point, but like Steve Forbert as the next Dylan, he fell well short tonight against Miguel Vazquez, completely outclassed in his bid for the IBF lightweight title, losing on score of 117-111, 118-110, and 119-109. BLH scored it 120-108 for Vazquez.

Vazquez (33-3, 13 KO) controlled from the get-go and was never challenged by Gesta (26-1-1, 14 KO), whose performance was frankly terrible, and made him look like a complete pretender. Vazquez is a tough guy to battle, no doubt; a good fighter, awkward, and hard to hit, but Marvin Quintero did far better than Gesta in Vazquez's last fight, and nobody considers Quintero any kind of star.
Simply put, Gesta was way, way out of his league, and was exposed badly by this step up in class. The fight wasn't remotely competitive, and was about as dull as it gets, too, with Vazquez peppering Gesta whenever he needed to, but inflicting no damage. No risks were taken.

Gamboa pushed, but tops Farenas  

 Yuriorkis Gamboa, out of the ring for 15 months, made a successful comeback on Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, even though he got knocked down.
Fighting in the co-featured bout on the Manny Pacquiao-Juan Manuel Marquez IV card, Gamboa survived a ninth-round knockdown -- and scored two of his own -- to unanimously outpoint Michael Farenas of the Philippines and win a vacant junior lightweight title.

The judges favored the faster and more explosive Gamboa by scores of 118-108, 117-109, 117-108. ESPN.com also had it for Gamboa, 118-107.
"I haven't fought for a long time," Gamboa said through a translator. "I needed the rounds. I thought I fought a good fight and entertained the crowd."
Gamboa, a former unified featherweight titleholder, was moving up in weight and fighting for the first time since a dominant eighth-round technical decision win against Daniel Ponce De Leon in September 2011.
His career then stalled after a falling out with promoter Top Rank. His contract was eventually bought by rapper 50 Cent -- real name Curtis Jackson -- who dropped from the ceiling attached to cables while rapping on Saturday as Gamboa walked to the ring in a surreal scene.
Jackson, after his falling out with Floyd Mayweather Jr. to promote fights together, cut a deal with Top Rank's Bob Arum to have Gamboa, a 2004 Cuban Olympic gold medalist, on the card.
Even given the layoff, Gamboa, who turns 31 later this month, looked fairly sharp and faster and more powerful than Farenas, 28, of the Philippines.
"That was a real good fight," Jackson said.
In the second round, Farenas wobbled Gamboa with a straight left that was perhaps a wake-up call, because after that, Gamboa began to attack. He landed several clean shots and then dropped Farenas with a right hand late in the round.
In the third round, Gamboa (22-0, 16 KOs) opened cuts on the side of both of Farenas' eyes. Gamboa was dominating, but Farenas showed immense toughness. Gamboa scored another knockdown in the seventh, landing a stiff straight right hand that forced Farenas to touch his glove to the canvas.
In the ninth round, Gamboa was battering Farenas and looked like he might be on the verge of a stoppage when Farenas suddenly landed a left hand and dropped Gamboa to a knee. Gamboa was OK, but it brought the crowd alive.
After the knockdown, Gamboa, who suffered a cut near his left eye late in the fight, fought the rest of the fight quite cautiously, going the distance and winning handily on the scorecards.
"I thought it was a really close fight," Farenas said. "I thought I fought very well against one of the best fighters in the world."
Farenas (33-4-4, 26 KOs) saw his eight-fight winning streak come to an end and came up short in a title bout for the second consecutive fight. In July, he challenged Takashi Uchiyama for a world title in Japan, but the fight ended in a three-round technical draw after Uchiyama suffered a bad cut from an accidental head-butt and was unable to continue.

 Marquez stuns Pacquiao in sixth

Here is the rd by rd Pacquiao vs Marquez 4
Rd 1 Manny tries to lans first. fans yelling marquez. Manny moving a lot. manny lands a left. fans yelling marquez. rd 1 manny.
Rd 2 Manny lands a left marquez lands good body shot. good left by manny and another. Marquez lands big left hook. Marquez lands body shot. rd 2 manny
Rd 3 Manny lands a shot. manny moving all over looks in control. manny lands two more shots. marquez lands left hook to body. marquez drops manny with a big right. rd 3 marquez
Rd 4 Marquez lands a shot so does manny. very close rd. marquez with a good shot. fans yelling marquez. manny lands a combo. 10-1o tie
Rd 5 Pacquiao drops marquez. 145 in rd 5. marquez gest manny. great fight so far. manny gest rd.
Rd 6 manny lands big shots. marquez is bleeding. MARQUEZ KOS MANNY

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Singapore Youth International Series 2012

Li-Ning Singapore Youth International Series 2012-bc#15- (new updated 2 December 2012)

Disc #1:
GS-U17_F: Saenghote Natcha vs M Thinaah (21-11 21-18; 38m)
BS-U17_F: Cheam June Wei vs Angga Saputra Vicky (17-21 21-12 21-18; 62m)
GS-U19_F: Suwannakijboriharn Sarita vs Liang Xiaoyu (25-23 23-21; 43m)

Disc #2:
GD-U17_F: Higashino Arisa/Hamakita Momo vs Jin Yu Jia/Liang Yun (21-13 21-14; 55m)
BS-U19_F: Chairojkanjana Kittiphon vs Ong Gerald (15-21 21-19 21-13; 65m)


DVD Greatest Boxing Collection #381 (berisi 3 partai):
Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA
  1. Daniel Jacobs vs Chris Fitzpatrick - KO 6R (Middleweight)
  2. Jayson Velez vs Salvador Sanchez II - TKO 3R (Featherweight)
  3. Austin Trout vs Miguel Cotto - UD 12R (WBA Light Middleweight)

Cancer survivor Danny Jacobs scored his second straight win since returning to the ring, causing Chris Fitzpatrick to retire after the fifth round.

Danny Jacobs' first fight after beating cancer back in October was a a lot shorter, but his second fight since his return was just as dominant. The Brooklyn, New York native moved to 24-1, 21 KOs with a one-sided victory over a game Chris Fitzpatrick on Saturday night at Madison Square Garden on the undercard of the 154-pound showdown between Miguel Cotto and Austin Trout.
Back on Oct. 20 at the Barclays Center, Jacobs needed less than a round to dispose of the overmatched Josh Luteran. On Saturday, Jacobs came out a bit methodical, looking as though he wanted to get a few real rounds in. In rounds three, four and five, Jacobs put a real beating on Fitzpatrick, who did well to make it to the bell each round and stay on his feet throughout. After the fifth, Fitzpatrick's corner made the smart decision to call the fight off, giving Jacobs his second victory since his a one and a half year layoff while he successfully defeated osteosarcoma, a life-threatening form of bone cancer.
Fitzpatrick fell to 15-3 with 6 KOs.

Jayson Velez moved to 20-0 with a dominant technical knockout win over Salvador Sanchez II at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night.

The Madison Square Garden crowd came on Saturday night to see Puerto Rican superstar Miguel Cotto, but they may have actually seen the country's next great star in the process. Featherweight prospect Jayson Velez moved to 20-0 with a dominant victory over Salvador Sanchez II via Round 3 stoppage. It was the 15th career knockout victory for Velez, who connected on 50% of his power shots in the whitewash.
It was totally one-sided from the opening bell, with Velez the much faster and stronger fighter by a longshot. Velez wasted no times, taking it to Sanchez with vicious combinations from the outset and not relenting. He floored Sanchez late in the second round, with only the bell saving him. Unfortunately for Sanchez, the third round came quickly, and Velez went right for the kill.
Sanchez went down just eight seconds into the third round, but was able to get up and give it one more go. Unable to clinch or avoid Velez's brutal power shots, Sanchez took another barrage and forced referee Harvey Dock to call a halt to things at 38 seconds of Round 3.
The win sets the unbeaten Puerto Rican up for a world title shot with the WBC's featherweight belt holder Daniel Ponce De Leon. Sanchez fell to 30-5-3.

Austin Trout defeats Miguel Cotto at Madison Square Garden


Miguel Cotto vs Austin Trout Rd by Rd
Fans cheering for Cotto while booing Trout.
Fans yelling Cotto.
Rd 1 Both moving around not a lot of punches. Trout jabbing with right.  No wcotto jabs. trout working body.  cotto swings and misses. cotto lands a big one. close fight so far. Rd to Trout.
Rd 2 Cotto starts strong. Trout lands a few cotto answers.. good rd for cotto. rd 2 cotto.
Fans boo canelo who is on the big screen
Rd 3 Big uppercut by cotto trout takes it. Trout lands on body. cotto jabs with left. Rd 3 cotto
Rd 4 both fighters letting hands go. cotto has trout on ropes. Rd 4 cotto
Rd 5 trout starts strong. cotto lands left hook.  low blow by trout. Rd Trout
Rd 6 cotto lands big left hook and some body shots. cotto lands a right overhand. fighters end strong. rd to cotto.
Rd 7 Trout starts strong. fans yelling cotto who lans a big left. fans yell lets go cotto. Rd 7 to Trout
Rd 8 fans yelling cotto. trout and cotto try to make somethinhg happen. trout working cotto. Rd 8 to Trout.
Rd 9 cotot starts strong. second low blow for trout by mistake as cot was moving. cotto is okay. fight back on. right hand by cotto. cotto moving well. Rd 9 Cotto
Rd 10 trout trying to take charge. cotto gets rd
Rd 11 fans yelling cotto . trout tring to land big shots. fans yelling austin. cotto lands a combo. big left uppercut by trout. by right by trout. rd to trout
Rd 12 trout trying to start strong. trout with good left hook. fans on their feet. fight ends
After 12 rounds scores 117 – 111 119 – 109 all for the winner austin trout